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Julie C.

I am extremely satisfied by Uniserv’s work. The entire experience was well been above expectations. They said it would only take 7 business days weather permitting, well, we had good weather and they finished the job in only 5 days. They came over the weekend and started draining the pool. By Monday they were full at work, changing tiles and redoing the entire pool. By Friday the work was done, we used the pool on Saturday. They were extremely fast and coordinated which I liked. I have had the experience where one pool company hires another to do this, or to do that, and at the end nobody follows schedule and nobody is responsible. This was not the case here.
I had all tiles replaced, new line tiles on the steps and Jacuzzi bench. New pool finish, new piping, and they sold me a new pump. I was hesitant to purchase this new type of pump, but I am very glad I did since it’s all included (no more mechanical timer!), the pump regulates itself and it’s a variable speed pump, extremely quiet.  Their price was right there around the competitors, however, now that I see the quality of work, and the level of satisfaction I got in comparison to the competition, I got more for the same price, so at the end I paid less.
I will recommend this company with my eyes closed, I have had one pool built and one remodeled with other companies in the last 10 years and both experiences had been a well below expectations.
Julie C.
Palm Beach Gardens